Hear our song “People Like Us”

The combination of words, voices and music has the potential to be transformative.

This is something that we witnessed when Alison Webster and Ben Okafor from AMAKA Beautiful Child (ABC) came to our Monday evening social group at the beginning of August this year. Their charity has a passion for helping people to find their voice across the world through music, poetry, dance, art and drama.

The writing of a song involved the sharing of personal stories from Archway Friends (Service Users) around the lived experience of loneliness. ABC produced a recording and video of everyone at our Monday Evening Social singing the song that was developed. The song “People like us,” is now ready for you to hear:

Listen to the song!

Ray Atwood who coordinates our Monday Evening Social expressed that the whole experience seems to have done a great deal to help build confidence and self-esteem of those in the group. As Ben Okafor writes in “A Poem for our Times,” Don’t insist on speaking for me… Give me the platform, you’ll see that I can tell my own story. Thanks to the whole process, everyone got the chance to tell their stories and express themselves.

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