Meet Archway Trustee Miranda Stoddart

This is Miranda Stoddart, one of Archway’s Trustees, she is a medical student aged 22. This week is Trustees Week and as part of the recognition of all that trustees do for charities, Oxford City Council interviewed her for inclusion in their publication.

This is what Miranda told them about her role at Archway:

What is it you do as a trustee in the group/organisation? I joined in March this year as part of the young trustees programme. I sit on the trustee meetings to try and bring another perspective to the meetings, as well as learning about how being a trustee works and what it involves.

Why do you do it/ what do you get from it personally? I do it because it is a great way to learn about being a trustee whilst also getting a chance to be involved in a charity that does really important work. It is interesting and rewarding.

How does it benefit the community? Being a young trustee in my case benefits the community through the support of the Archway Foundation. It is an amazing charity which has an invaluable impact on loneliness in our community. I think in general, having a wider range of people being trustees can help make our community more cohesive and inspire more people to take notice of problems and do things to improve our community too.

Why you would recommend being a trustee to other people your age? I would recommend being a trustee to other people my age as it is a really valuable way to spend your free time where you can use your skills to benefit others and can also develop lots of new skills. I think it equips you to do lots of other things in the future and builds your confidence. I also think that lots of younger people maybe don’t think they know enough to be a trustee, but this isn’t true, you still have an important point of view!

We thank Miranda for sharing her story and all of our trustees for the all of the energy and commitment that they give to Archway.

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