Meet The Trustees – Penny Smith tells her story

Penny Smith of The Archway Board of Trustees tells us about herself and her involvement with Archway…

I retired from a career as an academic in Oxford University in 2015. During my time in the University my career I had become involved in governance at collegiate (at Lady Margaret Hall) and University level and wanted to use this experience to benefit people who were less privileged. Archway at the time was looking for Trustees and as I knew Sheila (Archway’s CEO) from my church, and my husband had been a volunteer for Archway in Abingdon for several years. I took the opportunity to join the Board of Trustees.

I originally joined the Trustees as Treasurer but had to resign after the first year because of illness and resulting long term disability in my immediate family. However I have kept an interest in the financial and strategic areas, and am also involved in setting up new systems in data protection. From personal experience, and work with the Disability Unit in the University, I am also interested in our provision for disabled people.

Testimonies from individual Friends shows that Archway can make a real difference in people’s lives, and I enjoy occasional visits to the Abingdon group where I am always impressed by the friendliness and companionship between volunteers and friends. It is also very worthwhile to work with the other Trustees and such dedicated staff.

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