The Loneliness Experiment

Loneliness continues to be a topic of national interest at the moment. Radio 4’s programme All In The Mind has launched “The Loneliness Experiment.”

This project is a collaboration between Radio 4 and the Welcome Collection and builds on the success of the “Rest Test” 2016, “the largest global survey on rest”. The online survey devised by Professor Pamela Qualter and colleagues “aims to look at causes and possible solutions to loneliness.”

As the project explains, loneliness has been found to be closely linked to physical and mental health; people experiencing loneliness are more likely to have depression, heart conditions and high blood pressure for example….

“What we don’t know is exactly what causes what. Are people more likely to become ill because they feel isolated? Or have the become isolated as a result of their ill health? Or is it that people who are lonely are driven to smoke more or to look after their health less? If no one else seems bothered about you why bother about yourself? It’s very hard to disentangle exactly what’s happening here.”

Loneliness is inextricably linked to our sense of well being…

“The level of loneliness that a person is experiencing right now can predict their level of depression next year.”
You can listen to the radio programme all in the mind here

To launch the Experiment Claudia Hammond is joined by Olivia Laing, author of Lonely City, and psychology professor, Pamela Qualter, an expert in loneliness in young people.”

The Survey:

The Loneliness Experiment  “want as many people as possible to fill in our survey, even if they’ve never felt lonely, because …[they]… want to know what stops people feeling lonely, so that more of us can feel connected.”

To take part in the survey click here.

We at Archway look forward to seeing the survey’s outcomes. It’s brilliant to see such an important issue getting much needed attention.

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