Meet The Trustees – Rhys Dore tells his story

My name is Rhys and I have been acting as a ‘young trustee’ for The Archway Foundation over the past year. I am a final year medical student at the University of Oxford and am originally from rural Cornwall. I have previously been involved in lots of frontline charity work ranging from working with children from disadvantaged backgrounds to developing patient groups for people with rare diseases. Therefore, I thought this would be a really great opportunity to learn a bit more about the behind-the-scenes work that occurs!

I may be ‘preaching to the choir’ here, but The Archway Foundation is a truly wonderful charity and I am immensely grateful for being given the chance to join the team. Few people go through life without experiencing loneliness. I have joined one of the social groups to see first-hand the work which Archway does. The way in which this charity manages to improve so many people’s lives has really been highlighted to me by speaking to many Friends [Service Users] of Archway.

Working as a trustee has predominantly revolved around attending multiple meetings to review different aspects of the charity so that it can continue to do its great work. Discussions around things such as fundraising, finances, and data protection are typical and I was provided with training in key areas via the Oxford Hub. However, more specifically to Archway, we have been considering development of the charity. Loneliness doesn’t affect just one type of person and overseeing the provision of a new group for young people acted as a very interesting venture! Furthermore, Miranda (my fellow young trustee) and I have been working on a trustee board skills audit. This will essentially evaluate what hidden skills and talents already exist on the trustee board so that they can be put to best use in improving the charity.

This has been a spectacular year working with a wonderful team of trustees. Whilst I shall be moving on and leaving Oxford, I have absolutely no doubt that the current board will continue to ensure that the charity flourishes. 

Thank you, Rhys for everything you have brought to Archway.

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