The Importance of Transport – limiting health conditions increase chances of Loneliness

“People in poor health or who have conditions they describe as “limiting” are described as being “at particular risk of feeling lonely more often” report the Office for National Statistics (ONS) this month as part of a study focusing on “identifying personal characteristics and circumstances that increase or reduce the likelihood of experiencing loneliness.”

In response to the Jo Cox Commission on Loneliness in December 2017 The Prime Minister announced the development of a strategy to alleviate loneliness and as part of this the ONS has been asked to develop ‘national measures of loneliness’ (in collaboration with charities, academics and other groups).

It is the recognition of the impact of limiting health conditions which particularly resonates with Archway at the moment.  We find that even those who approach Archway in need of support due to loneliness, can face another barrier to meeting people. Often certain health conditions can mean that they are unable to make their own way to Archway’s regular social groups.

Transport is an incredibly important part of what Archway does in enabling as many people as possible to access our safe and supportive social groups. But as the number of people using our services increases, Archway is in urgent need of funds to pay for more transport including specialist vehicles to the enable more people to attend our social groups. By sponsoring any of our supporters and volunteers running or cycling in this issue of the Newswire, you can help make this happen.

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