Truly Amazing Feats: running and cycling for Archway

Archway’s volunteers and supporters are truly incredible raising funds in challenging circumstances. In the last few months they have raised just over £1380 for Archway so far through various events.

Dee’s Otmoor Challenge

Our amazing volunteer Dee Hazell  (pictured above) walked 7.5 miles for the Otmoor Challenge to raise funds to tackle loneliness in Oxford, just ten months since she fractured her kneecap. There’s still time to donate to Archway and show support to Dee. Thank you, Dee!

Mike and Vanessa Woodward at Blenheim 7K

Archway’s loyal supporters Mike and Vanessa Woodward of Opera Anywhere ran the Blenheim 7K for Archway in freezing temperatures in April, as Vanessa says in the below video, “It took 4K before I could even feel my feet.” Brrrrr…

Mike and Vanessa Woodward

Thank you, Mike and Vanessa! If you still want to support Mike and Vanessa’s fundraising for Archway, it’s not too late.

Debbie Stevenson and Julie Harrison’s Bike Oxford

Archways volunteers Julie Harrison and Debbie Stevenson took to the road for the second year running. We are humbled by such dedication. Thank you, Debbie. You can still support Debbie here.

Rachel Douglas Heyford Airbase 5K

Rachel is postponing her run but has very much got the ball rolling with fundraising. As she says this is “Good news!” as “this gives you more time to donate!” Find out how here. Thank you, Rachel.

Harry Geddes runs Race to The Stones Ultra Marathon 

Archway supporter Harry is running Race to The Stones – an absolutely incredible 100K in July to help tackle loneliness in Oxford.

Harry Geddes

Harry published the above map of one of his longest training routes so far on Facebook… amazing! We think 100K is the furthest that anyone has ever run for Archway. Thank you, Harry. Please support him via his Virgin Money giving page.

If all these generous and energetic folk have inspired you to undertake your own amazing feat, you’ll find information here on how we can support your efforts.

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