A poem about loneliness

This poem was written by Heléne who attends Archway’s social groups:


Fear of being alone
Feeling that nobody cares about you
Having no-one to talk to
Are not able to get on with anyone
Feeling missunderstood
Feeling that no-one had the experience you had
Being ignored – rejected – neglected
Bored because you are lonely
Lonely because you are restless…
Because you are bored!
Feeling you are not part of it
Out of touch with the world

When you are feeling lonely…

In the evening after dinner
Last thing at night
In crowds, city centres
After an argument
When misunderstood
When studying alot
When a relationship ends
Feeling the black sheep of the family
At parties
At a wedding reception

What helps when we are lonely?…

Children around us
Watch TV
Bake awake
Receive a hug
Talk to plants
Hear something reassuring
Get perspective
Religious belief




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