Volunteering Connects Us: Volunteers Start Monthly Meetup

“Archway has introduced me to a whole host of new people in Oxford whom without it I would never have met.” Gabriella, Archway Volunteer

This is a typical comment from Archway’s dedicated volunteers, The Archway Foundation is all about friendship and making new connections. This is reflected in the fact that those that the charity support are not described as “Service Users” but as “Friends.” Archway has been supporting  people experiencing loneliness in Oxfordshire for over the 35+ years and has always promoted this same inclusive culture. Creating what has been observed as a “tight knit community” between staff, volunteers and Friends.

Volunteering in general has been proven to reduce loneliness, for example “Volunteering just 2 hours a week reduces loneliness in widowed older adults” as reported a study published in Science Daily last year. And volunteering for Archway is certainly a place to meet new people from all walks of life in an environment of respect, support and compassion. This month Archway’s volunteers have gone a step further in strengthening Archway’s sense of community and have started a “monthly meetup” for Archway Volunteers (pictured) We had 10 of us and it was lovely to catch up properly” says one volunteer. This smiley bunch of volunteers plan to keep meeting on the last Monday of every month, we’re looking forward to the next instalment : )

For more information on volunteering with Archway go to https://archwayfoundation.org.uk/volunteer/

call 01865 790552 or email office@archwayfoundation.org.uk





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