Have a car & driving licence? – you could be a lifeline for someone who is lonely

Anyone who has attended one of The Archway Foundation’s social groups that provide support for people experiencing loneliness in the Oxford area, will know what an uplifting and essential means of social contact it provides to many people’s lives. Unfortunately, many of the people who the Archway Foundation support are unable to attend the groups due to limited mobility and/or lack access to transport to and from the venue, and Archway is now in real need of finding new Volunteer Drivers.

We are appealing to people with a driving license and a car, or anyone you know, who would be able to spare a few hours every week or two to help transport someone to and from a social group.

If everyone who reads this could forward it to or share with one person who might be able and interested, that would also be a real help!

To apply please follow the following link:

Apply to volunteer

Find out more about what we do


Other ways to support the work that Archway does:

You can donate as little as £5.00 

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