Drive for Drivers

Archway runs a range of social groups, giving isolated people somewhere to go out, get together, take part in activities, enjoy entertainment, celebrate birthdays and special occasions, and meet Friends, volunteers, staff alike. However, many people would find it difficult if not impossible to get were it not for help with transport to get these groups.

This Autumn/Winter, we’re doing a drive to recruit new volunteer drivers – to give someone a lift to and from a weekly social group. Volunteer drivers are welcome to attend the social group as convenient, and free parking and mileage are available.

We are looking for people who:

  • Live in the Oxford Area
  • Have car and driving licence
  • Can spare an hour or two every week to give someone a lift to & from a social group

Even if you don’t drive, you can still help!

We want to share our call-out ‘Drive for Drivers’ as widely as possible. If you’re able to put an A4 poster up in your local church, doctor’s surgery, workplace or community centre – please give us a call or drop a line and we can post/email some information to share:

01865 790552 /

You can also find and share our posts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram – and look out for our campaign on Oxford City and Park & Ride bus screens – and take a snap if you see one!

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