Christmas Message From Archway

During the past week I have spoken to many people who find this time of year really difficult but are able to get through it because of their link with Archway and the connection to people within it.

At Archway we arrange events to celebrate the season whilst being mindful of and sensitive towards those who are struggling. As one lady said,

“I am so grateful for the events Archway puts on for us. When everything else closes for the holidays Archway carries on between the Bank Holidays. Last year it saved my life I can tell you.”

Providing transport, seasonal food and activities for more people costs that little bit extra, so if you would like to help to make a difference to someone’s Christmas this year, you’re welcome to donate here.

Thanking you for your support and sending warmest greetings from all at Archway.

– Sheila Furlong (CEO, The Archway Foundation.

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