APPG Loneliness Consultation

The All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) has launched its major inquiry to explore what needs to happen next to tackle loneliness across the UK:

“The response to and impact of COVID-19 will mean many of us will be required to self-isolate with a more pronounced risk for those already experiencing isolation and loneliness becoming even more vulnerable during this time of crisis. Launching an inquiry now on this critical issue is more important than ever before. In the long term, once the pandemic has peaked, sadly loneliness will continue to be a challenge for many people across our society.

We have opened a consultation, which will form the basis of the inquiry for the rest of the year. It explores problems and solutions within four crucial policy areas, as identified by the Loneliness Action Group quarterly meetings and in our shadow progress report including:

  1. Designing and implementing ways to test the implications of government policies on loneliness
  2. Translating national policy into local action through local authorities
  3. Community infrastructure (including housing, transport and public spaces)
  4. How to adequately fund the voluntary and community sector upon which social prescribing depends

Please note that the consultation is due to close on Thursday 30 April at 11:59PM (though in light of COVID-19, the deadline may be extended).”

If you are interested in contributing to this enquiry please click the link below or if you have any queries contact”

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