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March and April 2020 has brought major challenges and changes for us all. Another way Archway has been able to adapt its services is the launch of a new newsletter ‘The Bright Side’. Promotions & Communications Coordinator Conrad tell us more:

The first week of ‘lockdown’ felt like pulling a U-turn – we were all working out, individually and as a team, personally and professionally – how to adjust to a new way of doing things. Thankfully although only a small organisation, Archway has always been forward thinking about working flexibly so we were all used to and equipped for a degree of working from home.

The immediate challenge was best to support and keep in contact with Archway Friends without the use of face-to-face services, and alongside the telephone support service, a regular newsletter seemed like a good way of letting Friends know that Archway know they’re there and are thinking of them.

Our new fortnightly newsletter the ‘The Bright Side’ has two sides to it – the first being unequivocally and unapologetically good news! The mainstream media have ensured there’s no shortage of or escape from alarming stories, so we wanted to provide a reassuring, regular, reliable place for Friends to have one guaranteed moment in their week to enjoy views from the Royal Horticultural Society gardens or the local goings-on of our news-hound Charlie the Norfolk Terrier.

The simple experience of receiving a letter addressed to you (that isn’t a bill or junk mail) can make a big difference to someone’s day.

“The second side is a simple noticeboard with essential information and reminders about keeping healthy, staying in touch, useful numbers etc and are starting to receive more ideas and contributions from Friends.

While things are still very uncertain for the foreseeable future, ‘a little goes a long way’ still stands true for loneliness and it’s good to be part of a team doing everything they can to improve life for people who are struggling on their own.”

Conrad (Promotions & Communications Coordinator)

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