Craft Bomb Project

Come down to your local park to spot bright, handmade decorations weaving throughout the trees and perched along benches. This surprise decoration-fest is a craft bomb to help combat loneliness. Loneliness has been rife throughout the pandemic, and here at the Archway Foundation we truly believe even one lonely person is one too many. We have been featured by a local crafting group to help spread our charity’s ethos, and we’re here to tell you all about it.

So, what is a craft bomb?

A craft bomb entails random, unannounced decorating of public spaces, usually for a cause. The Oxford craft bomb initiative has come about in order to share local charity information across Oxford; all in the name of one thing. To help combat loneliness across Oxford.

Up until the 12th of April three Oxford locations have been decorated with knitted animals and bunting, with attached tags featuring the Archway Foundation. The three parks are University Park, Abbey Meadows (Abingdon,) and Florence Park. The handmade features perch along the park to catch eyes of passers-by, spread some smiles, and allow people to check out the tags with loneliness resource information.

Loneliness in our current times:

5% of people in Great Britain (2.6 million adults) reported feeling lonely “often” or “always” in Spring 2020. Loneliness continues to soar to alarming heights throughout stay-at-home orders – as an increasingly prominent issue, we have endeavoured to be part of the movement to combat this. We’re supporting this craft bomb in order to shed some immediate happiness, and to let even more people know that we are here for them. Our charity is available for Oxford locals suffering with loneliness, needing someone to talk to, or needing friend. We strive to make sure nobody struggles alone. 

Drop by and help share the love

The craft bomb has been set up by a local Oxford knitting group and sponsored by a You can come on down to one of your local parks and spot the decorations up until the 12th of April. You can also share your discoveries via the hashtag #dbsharethelove

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