The Archway Storytelling Project

Archway has been supporting people throughout the pandemic.

We wanted to hear from people what difference that support has made in their lives and to learn about what being involved with Archway has meant to people. 

In order to do this, we set up a storytelling project and listened to the voices of Archway Friends by collecting their stories of this time.  The report of what we heard and found is here for you to read.

One thought on “The Archway Storytelling Project

  1. I just would like to add my thanks and appreciation of your befriending service which has been a real life line for my son. During lock down living alone and experiencing limited contact with outsiders had meant real loneliness and isolation the phone calls the replaced the visits were really appreciated and brough a refreshing change to what was bing experienced.
    Sincere thanks for all the work you do


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