Raj Runs 50km For Archway – Saturday 10th July

After months of grueling training, Raj Patel is running an incredible *50km*(!!) round the Ex Estuary on Saturday 10th July to raise funds for Archway’s work in supporting people suffering from loneliness.

Raj says: ‘I am training to become a GP in Oxford, and doing my first ultramarathon on behalf of The Archway Foundation. It is a 50km(!) run along the Exe Estuary in Devon, on the 10th of July 2021. Of the many terrible consequences of the pandemic, this last year has emphasised the importance of providing support to individuals suffering from loneliness and social isolation.’

Archway would like to say a huge thank you to Raj for going above and beyond to raise funds and awareness for people suffering from loneliness. You can see Raj’s progress, and make a donation, at his fundraising page below:


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