Archway was founded by Paul Hawgood in January 1982. Based within the city of Oxford, we work to help relieve some of the distress caused by loneliness.

We are committed to serving those hurt by loneliness irrespective of religion, culture or background. Archway’s inspiration and values are derived from the Christian faith.

As a result of development work undertaken by the Founder, a branch was developed in Rotherham in 1990. Once established they were encouraged to apply for their own charitable status and operate independently, using Archway’s name through an Affiliation agreement.

We provide opportunities in Oxford and Abingdon to meet up with others and offer a varied programme of entertainment which plays a part in the interaction and encouragement of engagement with our social activities. Befrienders visit those who cannot get out to our social events.

Paul Hawgood wrote some booklets to help those who suffer from loneliness. We send these out to those who cannot access our socials or befriending service as they give helpful stories and advice on alleviating the pain of isolation and loneliness.

Business Plan 2017

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