Chris regained her confidence at Archway, following a long illness:

“I’ve been ill for a very long time. I’d spent four and a half months in intensive care. It was very painful. I lost my confidence, I lost everything.

“When I first came to Archway, I was very quiet; I would stand at the back. Then one of the volunteers came and sat next to me. It’s good. It helps your confidence. It makes you feel bright and not quite so depressed, which is just what you need.

“At home, you spend time with nobody. Four walls, television: that’s it. You’re not getting any human contact and you forget how to do human contact. So being brought out and having that human contact really helps. And occasionally, when you’re really down, it’s nice being able to talk to a big range of people.

“There’s a lot of people here that have helped me a long while.”