Danny found his voice at Archway:

“I first came to Archway about 18 months ago. A friend of mine is a driver for them and I thought, ‘well, can’t I go too?’

“I’d been having a difficult time; I was developing a disability, members of my family were seriously ill, and it felt like my whole world was cracking up and I just couldn’t cope. At Archway I met people who were non-judgemental, kind and caring, and they helped me through some really dark times.

“One Monday evening, after I’d been coming to Archway for a little while, we had a musical evening. I hadn’t sung in my life but… I sort of started singing. I actually sang two songs, solos, without piano, and thought ‘I can get up in a room full of people and do that? I must have something… more energy, more drive to do that, because I’ve never done that before.’

“I keep coming to Archway to try to help people who are in the same situation I was. I look forward to coming here. There are people here who need me – who are very pleased that I turn up and talk to them. Archway is an oasis for people. There’s always someone there to talk to you and be sympathetic, not judgemental.”