Everyone who is involved with Archway gets something different from the experience: friendship, fun, greater self-confidence, a sense of belonging, a chance to meet new people or to help others. We asked our Friends and Volunteers to share what Archway means to them.

Here are some of their stories…


The Storytelling Project (2020-2021)

These stories were collected from Archway Friends throughout the Covid pandemic during 2020-21.

Story 1Having Someone To Talk To

Story 2I Just Don’t Call Anybody If They Don’t Call Me

Story 3Something To Look Forward To

Story 4We Have Not Been Neglected At All

Story 5It Has Been A Lifeline

Story 6I Know That Tuesday 10am, I’ll Have A Smile

Story 7It Was Absolutely Precious – It Was A Diamond

Story 8 It’s A Really Great Thing

Story 9It Felt Like Christmas Come Early

Story 10I’ve Come On In Leaps And Bounds


Stories From Archway Friends And Volunteers:

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