Connecting with churches
Recent workshops for church highlighted that loneliness is a serious personal and social problem for so many in our faith communities. It may arise from:

  • Broken relationships
  • Unfulfilled ambitions
  • Financial hardship
  • Sickness, mental health problems, disability and ageing

Archway is working creatively with people of faith who themselves are working alongside and supporting adults of whatever age who are experiencing loneliness and its dire effects.

Archway can connect with you by:

  • Providing weekly opportunities for both day time and evening social groups in the centre of Oxford and Abingdon. (We have just started an exciting Young Adults Group).
  • Training opportunities in the form of workshops for those involved in pastoral care of those who are experiencing loneliness.
  • Speakers to come along to your church.
  • Various resources including items for prayer and worship.

You can connect with us by:

  • Making a referral to us
  • Requesting our monthly Newswire
  • Promoting our need for volunteers, especially drivers for our social groups
  • Helping raise our profile
  • Praying for us (subscribe to our monthly prayer update)

Church Liaison Group [email us]

Archway values its roots in the Christian tradition. We welcome and work alongside those of any faith or none. We recognise the importance of faith and spirituality in the lives of many people. Our intention is to ensure that our values of compassion, mutual respect and service of others are the basis of all that we are and do.

The Archway Prayer

Lord of light and darkness
shine into our lives
and in every lonely place.

meet us as a Friend.