Terry says that loneliness is something that he grew up with until he was introduced to Archway:

“I was put in a situation where I was on my own anyway. My children went, my wife went…

“There are two different types of loneliness, I’ve found out. One is the physical one.. whereby you actually feel unwanted, you know – not valued, you even feel like a prisoner in your home, you know, you get in the habit, you stay away from people and you end up losing your social skills… And the other part of it is the mental psychological part. You can feel like a prisoner in your own home – there’s ways of escaping that, but when you’re a prisoner within yourself, you cannot escape, you’re with yourself everywhere aren’t you?

“That is the difficult part. You get to a point where you feel as if you’re slipping down a slope, you know, and you can’t climb back up and if it wasn’t for Archway holding their arms out and catching me I don’t know where I’d be.”