I come away with the knowledge I’ve made someone’s day better.
– Archway Volunteer

We welcome volunteers from all ages (over 18) and all backgrounds. There are excellent opportunities for receiving on-going support, supervision and in-house training. We value the time given by our volunteers and we are more than willing to pay petrol/travelling and out-of-pocket expenses.

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What opportunities are available?

At the moment we are in urgent need of:


Individual Support Volunteers
Some of those in contact with us are not able to participate in our social activities because of physical or mental health issues. Where a one-to-one link better serves someone’s needs, Individual Support Volunteers meet with their someone on a regular (usually fortnightly) basis. This may involve home visiting, or sharing an activity e.g. walk, cinema trip, coffee etc. The minimum time commitment is one hour per fortnight for a year. Apply to become a volunteer


Providing transport to our regular socials is a vital part of the work of Archway. Some of our friends are dependent on us for transport because of physical or mental health issues. Without it they would be unable to attend the socials, which for many is a real highlight of their week.  If you live in the Oxford are, have a car and a driving licence and can spare 1-2 evenings a month, you could make a real difference to someone’s week. Apply now



If you would like to support our work, but are not able to make a regular commitment as an Individual Support Volunteer or driver, why not try your hand at fundraising? If you are interested in organising a fundraising activity for Archway, would like to do take part in a sponsored event or would like to know more about how you can be involved, then please do email us office@archwayfoundation.org.uk


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Thank you!